Embracing the specialty 

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Our Story

We’re not just your average specialty club. The National Experimental & Recorded Grade Dairy Goat Association is a “breed type” organization where the different dairy cross types that can be registered with the ADGA can be recognized. 

We understand the value of goats that meet individual herd management and ideal type goals. Our intent is to educate about Experimental, Recorded Grade, and all types of “Cross Bred” dairy goats, organize Recorded Grade Specialty shows, and have an “All American” Annual show. We are ready to help recognize and promote the best that Experimental and Recorded Grade dairy breeders have to offer.

Affectionally, the club is known as the NERGDGA, pronounced “Energy” DGA. The National Experimental & Recorded Grade Dairy Goat Association became an official organization in November of 2021. On January 1st, 2022, membership opened. We look forward to our inaugural year with many shows and new strides made in the growing popularity of Experimental and Recorded Grade Dairy Goats.

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Our members-only Facebook Group connects the most devoted Experimental and Recorded Grade Breeders. 

Youth activities

Our organization realizes the youth are the future of the industry. 

Specialty Shows

With ten specialty awards recognized, a coveted rosette will make a grand achievement. 

Your Board of Directors



Who We Are

We are a team of eager Experimental and Recorded Grade breed enthusiasts that have come together to launch the National Experimental and Recorded Grade Dairy Goat Association.

President: Jason Porter; Vice President: Katrina Lucas; Secretary: Jennifer Tobell Stillwell

Treasurer: Jennifer Casler; Youth Representative: Lee Caroline Bryer

Directors at Large: Rebecca Haffey; Caitlyn Hanlon; Kassie Dwyer; Suzanne Schaffner Bryer

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